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VillaChild Bio

VillaChild Bio

VillaChild, the young black lesbian artist, that was born and raised in Louisville, Ky. VillaChild, oldest of 8; grew up in one of the rough parts of the city called, The Westend. VillaChild spent most of her life in the Westend, especially on 23rd st. 


23rd st, is where her great grandmother formally resided. This same house is where her, her mother and grand mother where raised. 


When VillaChild was coming up in school, she was often one of the kids, that were picked on. Usually bullies joked about her clothes, sexuality, her looks, called her dirty, and poor. Eventually, VillaChild got used to the name calling, and started name calling back. 

VillaChild used to stay in trouble, weather if it was from school or just simple trouble making at home. VillaChild often felt a lone and acted out, feeling like no one truly understood what she was going through. 


In 6th grade VillaChild became interested in gangs; specifically the crips. Growing up in the Westend, VillaChild often seen crips gangs, or young males her age joining the crips; associated with California or Victory Park. VillaChild was more fascinated with becoming a gang leader and making money selling candy in school, than she was with music. She would carry around a  composition notebook, to write down her rhymes as a side hobby, but never took it serious. Luckily music found its way to mold her and turn her mind around. Listening to the words of artist like 2pac, Queen Latifah, Lauyrn Hill, Public Enemy, and etc.


VillaChild’s love for music actually started back when she was in 2nd grade. She lived with her mother, who  was a artist herself. Her mother would often sing or rehearse in the living room. When ever VillaChild wasn’t playing video games, she would watch her mother sing. Her step father also was into music; together or with friends, they all enjoyed making music. Sometimes they would even ask her to spit something on the mic. Her mother always told her if its not true dont say it. And those words stuck with her forever.... VillaChild was often intrigued by her mother’s music. Which inspired her to write her own rhymes. VillaChild couldn’t sing at the time, so she wanted to rap like her favorite musician Missy Elliot. It was then when the rhythm of music entered her heart.....


As VillaChild was growing up through the rough times and bullying. She finally had a chance to express her sexuality. 8th grade year is when she came out of the closet. VillaChild had always had a thing for women, she was just too ashamed and teased about, it to ever admit it. Kids often call her dike, fag and other disgraceful names. Her own father didn’t know how to handle having a lesbian child; So he often treated her differently, compared to the other siblings. Her and her father were never close. In fact after numerous fights her and her father are now closer then they’ve ever been.


VillaChild Started exploring her sexuality in eighth grade. When she attended the all girls school, Olmstead Academy South. She was no longer teased for being lesbian. In fact when she attended, Olmsted she was praised for being a lesbian by fellow students; because of her boyish looks.  From six grade, to graduation ,to October 2017; she often embraced her long black hair. She was known for rocking corn rolls, twist, Afro, or a ponytail. In fact some of the girls were jealous and he used to throw the, “your hair is nappy” fraise at her. She didn’t care about the few that hated, because the rest loved it.


Ninth grade year VillaChild decided to take music seriously. She was still selling food in school and some small part of her wanted to join the crips, But the gang life love had gotten weak. 


Christmas of 2010 VillaChild Asked her mother for two things for Christmas. She wanted a Behringer podcast set and a DJ Hercules turntable set. She hated wanting to ask the adults to record in the studio; because they would always give her awkward looks and vibes.

She wanted to record on her own. After recording her first song on a camcorder and mixing it on She wanted to experience the real thing.

VillaChild decided her first artist name would be “Kidd Breezy”. She had gotten that kidd from the artist Kid Cudi and put it with the name her family gave her, “Breezy”. 


Once the young artist received her Christmas gift, and learn how to operate the mixing software. She came out with three mixtapes. Her first 3 mixtapes were , “Taking Place”, “Noticed”, and “August 2013”. 

August 2013, was a mixtape talking about the horrible month and events that took place in August 2013. Events such as: two break ups, being money hungry, Almost being attacked by a man in the bathroom, The death of her great grandmother ( who lived on 23rd st), Losing her mind, being a loner, scoping out a new chick, wanting a chance, and being a n**** with a attitude.

During the making of this mixtape she met a artist name , “Yung Weava”.  Young Weava later on introduced her to , “Delo”. These three started a group called , “FLO3”. 

FLO3 had worked on and completed their first mixtape, that was self titled. After their first mixtape, FLO3 added another member named , “Lil Corey”, making the group name, “FLO4”. While they were working on their next mixtape, disputes happened within the group; causing the group to break up; and the mixtape was never released. After the break up VillaChild (Kidd Breezy) released another mixtape called, “Kamando The Hot And Cold”. VillaChild (Kidd Breezy) had no problems with any of the former members of FLO4; and ended up working with Delo on a duo project called, “ Deuces”.  After their 3 months of work on the mixtape finally finishing it. VillaChild (Kidd Breezy) and Delo fell out. Delo decided he didn’t want his vocals on the project, causing it to never be released. VillaChild (Kidd Breezy) took the scraps of Deuces that obtained her parts, and combined it with some other songs she started; into another  project, to keep her promise of releasing something to the public. She made the songs into half or short versions, to make a demo tape called, “Memory Lane”. For the cover she took a picture of formal Muhammad Ali’s porch, of the belongings left by visitors. It wasn’t exactly planned but it was what she could do in such short notice.


During the work on the mixtape Deuces. VillaChild (Kidd Breezy) had to make a Instagram page. Given that the name Kidd Breezy was so common. She wanted to find something symbolic to Kidd Breezy and Louisville. So she typed in VillaChild, and kept VillaChild as her IG tag.

After months of getting into disputes with other people named

Kidd Breezy and feeling like the name was too childish and too common. She did a search for the name VillaChild, and found nothing. So she decided to make it, her official name, so that she could stick out from the rest.


The young artist was on a mission to let people know, who she was. So she started seeking shows. She ended up doing shows, with a couple of upcoming Louisville names such as:  King Dadoo, Jwill, GNNL, Alienation, Sasha Renee, ImDeezy, and more. She even paid to perform at events such as Coast 2 Coast, New Albany Production House, Derby City Music (where she opened for Mike Jones), and numerous competitions. It was the shows where other artist started to recognize her and her talents.


VillaChild wanted more than anything to be noticed and to be signed. So she started recording at studios like Platinum City Music and Chase Ur Dreamz. VillaChild was bouncing back and forth between the two because, one had the quality she wanted and the other had the price she could afford. But ended going back to recording at her own home studio. And became her own independent label called, MCP (Mid Coast Productions).


In 2016, VillaChild came up with this grand idea to make an anthem for the city of Louisville, Ky. In hopes to unify the city and slow down the gun violence that was happening in the city. 

So she made arrangements with Chase Ur Dreamz for a 10hr block. Which she spent her entire check from the temp agency she worked. She initially invited 13 artist to do the track but only three showed up. Which were CJ2Much , and Stupid Crew ( Tera Redshift and Smocey Loc).  After hrs of waiting for artist to show she got decouraged, and invited any artist that would show to the session. Two more artist came and recorded which where Ill Lem and Trel Mix. Before she decided to end it. Other artist such as Teshaun, Wylie, Yung Su, Fiji Water, Sasha Renee, and ImDeezy; came at later dates.

During the making of the anthem is when she met Trel Mix for the first time. She had hit the artist up FaceBook, to hop on the track and he came right to the studio, the same day , the rest of the 13 didnt show up.

After working with the artist Trel Mix, they were talking about being on a label together of their own. VillaChild (Kidd Breezy) had the label MCP, which is where Trel Mix became a part of. After getting a website and buisness cards made. VillaChild (Kidd Breezy) started running into conflicts , from having the same artist name and the same buisness name as a company that sold goods. So she came up with another name that generated from Louisville(her city )and Illamatic a lyrical song from the artist Nas and combine the two coming up with ”Villamatic Ent”.  She then used the boxing gloves to symbolize Muhammad Ali ( who is a legend from Louisville) in the logo. The name had not been taken, and was perfect to represent the lyrically unique, artist like VillaChild and Trel Mix. 


Just like VE(Villamatic Ent), VillaChild wanted to create something for the unique, different, and weird. Given that she was bullied in school, and teased about everything.  She came up with IDGF ( I Dont Gotta Flex). Or in other words, i dont have to put on a show for you; because  I do this for me. I dont give a f*** about what you think of me. This clothing brand was designed to embrace different, even if others didn’t like it. It not only represents her, it represents others like her........




VillaChild loves her fans, and loves the spirt that her music gives them. VillaChild is hoping that fans will fall in love with her different style of music. She also wants them to embrace their differences, and to represent themselves with no shame; like she once had to experience. That its ok, to be who you are regardless of what people think of you. Because you do what you do everyday for you!


VillaChild hopes to continue to inspire or to provide music to her fans and more. To enjoy her music through situations, like others music has done for her. Because music kept her out the streets, kept her head up, helped her through painful times, and just helped her emotionally. VillaChild wants to give the same in return to music, that music gave her.....