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What is your biggest pet peeves in the studio?

“One my biggest Pet Peeves in studio; would have to be when im in my session, and random peolpe that i dont know come in. Like it will be people the studio know, but i dont. Theyll walk through or sit and listen. Like yo! I dont want everybody in my mix. You feel me. That stuff is mad annoyin, like i dont know who you know. I dont need my stuff leaked , none of that.... Next pet peeve, is when i dont get a fair amount of work done during my session. It kill me out, it like im throwing away time and money.... Another thing Im not too strong on is, when I pay for a session, to record a song, that I have a feature on; and that feature just reads their verse with no emotion. Like thier literally just reading that stuff out loud. I just dont get it. like if you not serious about this, then dont come my way. Plain and simple im on a misson bra i dont know bout you.” -VillaChild 

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