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If someone were to visit your city, whats the top 10 places you'd recommend?

VillaChild: If someone were to ask me the top 10 places i would recommend.... Id probably say for my first pick, if you hungry hit up Indis! You cant go wrong with with a 6 piece,  a roll some mac and cheese, yams, greens, 3 piece wedge and a large cup of Pink Lemonade! Pink lemonade is mandatory lol. My other picks would be walking bridge, the hideout (nightclub), Billiards ( if you bored on sundays), Sea Food Lady (if you got a taste for fish), No Where (LBQT Club),  Main Event (fun place to hang out and vibe), Rave (Movie theater) ,  Barry's Cheesesteak and more (for some bomb ass Cheesesteak) , and JMall aka (Jefferson Mall). Those would be my top 10 for Louisville, Ky. If i missed some that you think shouldve made my list, leave a comment comment. Or if your not from Louisville, Ky , whats your top 10 for your city?....

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