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Eat The Beat

Eat the beat is a live comptetion hosted by Crystal Fountain, Scola502, and Coo Beats. In this competition artists are competing to be the best to flow on the track. A Group called for Artist Only , votes on 3 beat made by Cousin Coo Beats. Once the votes are in, the beat with the most votes is what the artist have to write or freestyle to, to win. Judges will pick the artist with the best run on the song; And that artist becomes the King/Queen of the Eat The Beat Competition. Eat The Beat started their first two shows in Louisville, Ky. It may be likely, if Eat the Beat comes to you. Villamatic Ent has competed in the Eat The Beat twice. Both experiences were dope. Eat The Beat always packs a crowd and is always full of energy. Between the competition and the live performances. Your guaranteed to have a good time. Next time Eat The Beat has a show , be sure to stop by and check out the heat.

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