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502 Cafe , usually refered to as "the spot". 502 cafe was originally located in Louisville, ky. This venue alone has created such a networking experience for upcoming artist that its crazy. Open mics, competitions, small concerts and etc, have all been held at the 502 Cafe. If you didnt go to the Cafe for music, you went to have fun. Between the music sections, pool table, and the dope bartender. You had a great time at 502 Cafe. The staff were the coolest people you could ever meet. Villamatic Ent has done majority of our shows here. Local music artist know how popular this place is. If you were an upcoming artist, you performed at least once at the 502 cafe. The spot aka 502 Cafe was one of the best music venues that louisville had to offer. The 502 Cafe is currently not open, but soon will be back in buisness, bigger and better.

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