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I Dont Gotta Flex

I Dont Gotta Flex - Clothing brand founded by VillaChild.


IDGF (I Dont Gotta Flex) Bio


The Idea IDGF aka ( I Dont Gotta Flex), was based off the experience VillaChild went through, through out life.

 Growing up VillaChild was often talked about or bullied. Kids in her school would often call her poor, dirty, ugly, said her hair was nappy, throw derogatory slang at her; such as faggot or dyke, joked about how she looked like a boy or all other sorts of cruel jokes. VillaChild like many became immune to the jokes, and like most cases took that pain out on others, especially the one’s giving pain.

 It was up untill sophomore year in high school, when she realized that what, she was doing was wrong; and the others that did it to her where wrong as well. 

Through her realization , her morals had reached a peak. She started appreciating who she was, and her uniqueness to stand out. That even if one was different, they were special because of it. 

Which later on after years of growing confidence, inspired IDGF (2017); And her saying,” I don’t gotta flex, because I don’t care about what you think of me. I do this for me, I don’t have to impress you, because I’m too busy impressing me.”

VillaChild- “People must realize that , being different is a blessing, and your beautiful no matter who you are, you have to see your own beauty before anybody else does. Love yourself, before you expect to love from anyone else. So yes I don’t gotta flex, because I don’t have to put on a show for you. I do this for me.”....